Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Undergraduate – Elective Courses
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Undergraduate – Elective Courses

Undergraduate – Elective Courses

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

The goal of this elective course is to promote students’ public speaking skills. With an emphasis on application of content, this course requires students learn to deliver effective speeches and presentations through applying the principles learned in class. Students need to read and comprehend a variety of materials, including video lectures, book chapters, journal articles, academic papers, news etc. Class assignments include but are not limited to: extensive reading, video lectures, online and in-class discussions, oral presentations, and written reading response.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills is an elective  course for students in all majors and is a bilingual course, conducted in English and Mandarin. The course mainly introduces the fundamental concepts and principles of communication in context of internationalisation. The main contents of the course are the foundations of successful communication, and application of three-step writing process on letters, memos, e-mail and other brief messages. Meanwhile, it applies the methods on how to prepare reports, oral presentations and job interviews.