Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Research Projects
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Research Projects

Research Projects

  • Xu, S. A sociolinguistic Study of Discourse and Gender Identity in Transitional China: A Case Study of Shenzhen.     Ministry of Education – Principal Investigator – 2015.9-2018.9


  • Xu, S. and Hu, Y. Construction of MOOC English Course Innovative Mode- An Exploration of SUStech in the Era of Big Data. Provincial Level – XU Siqun as Principal Investigator – 2015.9-2017.9


  • Xu, S. & Hu Y. An Exploration of College English Teaching on Sakai in Cloud Model – A Case Study of SUSTech.     University Level – XU Siqun as Principal Investigator – 2015.6-2017.6


  • Xu, S. An Empirical Study of EAP course using Flipped Way. Municipal Level – Principal Investigator – 2015.11-2016.11


  • Li, Z., Liu, L. S., & Hu, Y. X. An Exploration of Teaching Public Speaking in College Using “Flipped Classroom Model” and MOOCs. Provincial Level – LI Zhuo as Principal Investigator – 2015.05-2017.05


  • Li, C. and Kong, L. Educating the “national citizen”, preparing a “global cosmopolitan”: a study of international schools. Funded by National University of Singapore – 2015.05-2017.05


  • Yu, H., He, Z. & Hua, Y. The Development of STEM-based English Curriculum in Higher Education. University level – HU Yuxiu as Principal Investigator – 2017-2018


  • Yu, H. A contrastive analysis of particles in Chinese and English – a LFG account. Municipal level – 2014-2016


  • Yu, H. The Research on Fast Clustering and Information Evolution Analysis for Large-Scale and Dynamic Short-Texts.     Natural Science Foundation of China: 61300114. 2014/01-2016/12


  • Liu, L. SUSTC New Researchers’ ICT Teaching Reform Project: Exploring the new ways of using microlectures in college English reading skill classes. University level – Principal Investigator


  • Liu, L. iTEST College English Assessment Developing Project: New Online CET-4 Test Format Designing – Listening & Translation’, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Funded by FLTRP – LIU Lisha as Principal Investigator


  • Liu, Q. The Study of Using Blended Model to Teach Scientific Writing in the Post-MOOC Era. University level.