Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Daily Tasks in CLE as Student Assistants
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Daily Tasks in CLE as Student Assistants

Daily Tasks in CLE as Student Assistants


Hello everyone, we are CLE student assistants, Bruce Shaun and Sherry Zhang.
Have you ever wondered what exactly we are doing as CLE student assistants? This time, we will introduce some daily works in detail.
The work we do varies
a lot, covering reimbursement for all kinds of activities in CLE, making posters for invited lectures, preparing documents, and assisting teachers work. Sounds complicated? In fact, for most of the times, as student assistants, we are here to help teachers with trifles so that they can squeeze more time doing other important things like teaching, organizing CLE lectures and attending academic conferences. The chores usually include but not limited to material printing, computer setting, poster making, giving out notebooks, and sundry cleanup. Although these seem to be small chores, we are still required to learn new techniques and operations to complete all the tasks. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to be qualified in this part-time job, we have to develop ourselves comprehensively to complete both mental and physical labors.
We are also assigned tasks to transport important materials among different departments, and get all the required stamps and signatures signed so that the materials are valid. For example, we take a stack of receipts that have been carefully organized by Secretary Li to the Financial Department, or we help Dr. Xu take materials to the Human Resource Department to have the documents authorized. This kind of task is usually very easy to complete!


All the tasks mentioned above sound like common assistant works that can be done in any department, however, there is something special working in the CLE, and we all consider receiving foreign teachers as the most characteristic task. Since foreign teachers might come here for the first time, as hosts, we would take them to a simple Shenzhen tour; most of them need to apply for residence certificate and expert certificate so that they could stay in our campus to work, it is also our job to take them to various administration organizations to have all the documents done. The real situation is even more challenging, because we will accompany them for several hours, to introduce, translate, and communicate all in English. This was not easy at the first time, because there were several jargons about document transactions that I didn’t know well, but fortunately, we could still understand each other through body language and simple explanation. And foreign teachers are so kind that they never blame us for these small problems on communications, instead, they explain their ideas clearly and patiently, so we can become friends in a short time. Besides, foreign teachers that come to SUSTech are all knowledgeable and interesting persons, so after several hours’ communication, we could improve our oral English while exchange ideas with people from all over the world. We like it the most!

There is one more thing that we would like to share with you; the part-time job in CLE also helps us improve time management skills, it is surprising to find out that we can arrange our spare time more efficiently than before.
Everyone is welcome to visit and join CLE! We are here waiting for you!