Center For Language Education-SUSTech | SUSTech Language Training for Staff: Expanding Cooperation Through English Learning
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SUSTech Language Training for Staff: Expanding Cooperation Through English Learning

SUSTech Language Training for Staff: Expanding Cooperation Through English Learning

As the world continues to shift towards a smaller global community, shedding the distance between countries and continents, English language learning remains as pertinent as ever, helping to bridge the divide that separates. Common goals inspire common avenues, and Southern University of Science and Technology is paving the path towards internationalization within itself to help foster a community of learners, researchers, and staff that works together, underlying the foundations of cooperative education.


Introduced this year, English Language Training for Staff, facilitated by Matthew Jellick, is a course which brings together members of different departments for daily lessons on the both the fundamentals of English as well as many of the cultural aspects which encompass language.  Learning important vocabulary as well as critical thinking skills, SUSTech Staff are encouraged to think outside the classroom, applying their knowledge to practical situations which they encounter on a daily basis.  Using language acquisition as motivation for social mobility, students from the Library, Human Resources, Student Affairs and a number of other offices are taking advantage of this course which promotes cooperation amongst the different departments, in turn supporting collaboration with various partners and new colleagues.

The city of Shenzhen is a microcosm of the diversity which now defines our international context, with people from all corners of China here to advance themselves through personal and professional development.  A leader in creativity, technology and the entrepreneurial leadership which merge the two, the same attributes which describe our city can be applied to Southern University of Science and Technology, and the talented people involved with its development towards a global leader in education.


As SUSTech moves towards its goal of becoming a top-tier international university, the Staff Language Training acts as a strong example of fulfilling a promise which the university is making to itself to ensure an expanded global understanding on behalf of everyone involved here on campus in Shenzhen, as we reach out to an expanded global platform.

Written by Matthew

Photos by Matthew