Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Children of SUSTech: English Growth
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Children of SUSTech: English Growth

Children of SUSTech: English Growth

Throughout this first Semester teaching the Staff at South University of Science and Technology, it is evident the important role which English has on my students’ endeavors, both personally and professionally. Yet while each of them plays an integral part in the path this university is taking, it is their children, many of whom are in Elementary School, who will continue to pave the way forward, inside as well as outside of the classroom.

To assist with English-language attainment, I volunteered to teach once-a-week classes to SUSTech Staff children, ranging in ages from 5 to eleven.  Learning incorporated through games and activities enables them to practice their skillsets with a native speaker, while also experiencing the differences in educational culture, an important understanding of becoming a global citizen.

Classes are free, lasting one hour, and are meant to promote English learning through fun and interactive lessons, not as a resource for tests or advancement.  It is my belief that through initiatives such as this, we can further promote the mission of SUSTech, and following, to aid in the development of young learners as they pave the road ahead towards an integrated global community where language is not a barrier.

By: Matthew Jellick