Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Workshop: Practical English in an Everyday Setting
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Workshop: Practical English in an Everyday Setting

Workshop: Practical English in an Everyday Setting

Within the Center for Language Education at SUSTech, we prepare students on the various skillsets which make up a solid foundation in English attainment, improving their communicative abilities that will propel them even after they leave our classrooms.  Yet it is the world outside of those same classrooms where everyday life takes place, offering countless examples and opportunities for students to practice and utilize their English proficiency.

My Workshop highlighted the “Practical use of English in an Everyday Setting”, taking examples from both on-campus as well as the larger realm of Shenzhen.  From the metro to banking, China is making strident efforts to incorporate English into their businesses and culture, understanding the importance of this global language.  Language learners then should take advantage of this shift, challenging themselves to opt for the “English” menu where available.

Held on a Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon, there were a total of about 40 participants at the workshops, including both students and staff, learning about how they can use their second-language skills outside of the classroom.  I was able to cite examples I use as a foreigner living in Shenzhen, and in turn, encouraged others to use those same opportunities as a learning tool, outside in their everyday surroundings.

I was encouraged by the feedback I got from those who participated, and am looking forward to continuing to promote practical English usage.  Following, next Semester I will aim to also use this underlying theme in my next workshop, highlighting each of our roles in this global community where languages shouldn’t be a barrier.

By: Matthew Jellick