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Voice of SUSTech Speaking Club

Voice of SUSTech Speaking Club

Over the course of my first Semester here at South University of Science and Technology, I had the opportunity to get involved with the English-Speaking Club, “Voice of SUSTech”.  Led by a team of motivated students, we met every Sunday night for two hours, working on skillsets pertaining to Public Speaking, including individual as well as group presentations, formatted through a variety of different techniques.  With participation ranging anywhere from five to 15 students, similarly, the level of speakers varies as well, but with encouragement coming from everyone, finding unity in their desire to improve their English-speaking skills.

The ability to communicate underlines the practical use of a language, trumping the assessment that so many of these students carry as a weight throughout their educational careers.  To be able to practice the communicative tool of speaking in a low-impact environment only goes to promote sustainable learning practices, as we work on projects with creative involvement from everyone.  Role-playing dialogues, impromptu speeches, and word games all go to increase verbal prowess when speaking to a large group while also offering alternatives to traditional teaching models.

As an instructor, I am grateful to see these students taking the initiative to create this group on their own, using me simply as a facilitator – helping to shed light, not to master.  They are truly a remarkable group of students who through practices such as these, hone their English speaking skills, but perhaps more importantly, increase their leadership skills as well…

(VOS Speech Practice)

(Club Pizza Party)



(Written by Matthew Jellick)

(Photo by Matthew Jellick)