Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Welcome to the Spring Semester
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Welcome to the Spring Semester

Welcome to the Spring Semester

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and the long, cold Shenzhen winter is over. As everyone returns to class and settles back into their routine, the CLE would like to welcome all students, staff and faculty to the Spring semester.

However, the new year means more to our department than just red envelopes. We have begun running TOEFL preparation and CET training, and we have also had new teachers come to join us.

We would like to welcome Pamela Mansutti who will be instructing our postgraduate students, Yu Yonggang (Yvonne) who will be preparing students for TOEFL exams and teaching undergraduates, along with David Currie and David Wood who have also joined us this semester.

The CLE will also begin publishing a quarterly student newsletter under the guidance of Dr Liu Lisha, and Professor Mike Igo of the State University of New York will be joining us in March to run workshops and hosting a lecture series for students and faculty covering communication skills, the English language, and the media.

We are glad to seeĀ our students and faculty return after the spring festival, and wish you all an exciting and dynamic spring semester.