Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Voice of SUSTech (VOS)
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Voice of SUSTech (VOS)

Voice of SUSTech (VOS)

Voice of SUSTech (VOS) is a public speaking club of SUSTech. Building a great public speaking club in English was always my idée fixe. With the aid of CLE, things unreal tend to be realistic. Voice of SUSTech helps students to be more confident, international, innovative and competitive in and out of campus, which is similar to CLE’s goal. Diector of CLE, Dr. Kathy O’Sullivan has supported us not only financially but also mentally. Meanwhile, Matthew and Ms Li Zhuo, Lecturer of CLE, have offered lots of professional advice and taken active roles in our club. Also, we also get aid from other CLE teachers. Without CLE, how could the club be thriving like this?

Evan (founder of VOS):Sunday nights have become meaningful and enjoyable since I joined Voice of SUSTech! In VOS, every member gets precious chances to practice English. You may be challenged by the impromptu speech, moved by other member’s stories or inspired by the teacher’s encouragements. As long as you are brave and persistent enough, you will definitely be amazed by what you can achieve one day!

Lydia (member of VOS):Although I only participated in the club once, I find it extremely fascinating. Not only can I improve my speaking skills, also it provides us a good opportunity to communicate and exchange fancy ideas. Everyone can be a host here and I’m sure participants will be enjoying the process of perfecting the activity.


Written by William (Founder of VOS)