Center For Language Education-SUSTech | An Outdoor Training by Harry [杨秦凯]
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An Outdoor Training by Harry [杨秦凯]

An Outdoor Training by Harry [杨秦凯]




In September of 2017, our school’s Association of Emergency Rescue had an outdoor training to strengthen the spirit of teamwork and skills. We were all excited during the one hour bus that took us to the seaside.

The outdoor training took place in a open space under the mountain and surrounded by lakes. I thought it would be an interesting and relaxing day after enjoying the great natural scene. But the drillmaster shouted at us seriously “Everyone!Twenty push-ups!”, and my nice dream about the training broke immediately.

Then, we were divided into three groups in order to complete against each other. We all tried our best to come up with some imposing name, such as “Golden Eagle”, “Dragon”, “Lion”. These names represented our hope to perform well during the training.

After naming our team, we played a game called “Big Feet”. Everyone had each foot tied on a long board and stepped on it. We had to walk on the board together. It was really a test of our teamwork and spirit. If we did not lift the our legs at the same time the board wouldn’t rise. At the beginning of the game, we were not able to cooperate very well, so we walked slowly. Gradually, we cooperated more and more perfectly and were able to walk together.

In the afternoon, we were trained to build a small boat with float barrels, ropes, and logs in limited time. Then we went rowing in the lake on our selfmade boat. Frankly speaking, I was a little worried when we used a boat built in only 20 minutes. Fortunately, the boat survived.

At the end of the training, we had to climb over a wall that was 5 meters high. It’s impossible for a person to climb so high, so we had to work together. We built a ladder with our bodies after a short discussion. The tallest and strongest volunteered to be the first story of the ladder. The weight on their shoulder was nearly 200 kilograms, it was really a challenge to bore such pain. Thanks to their sacrifice we accomplished the tough mission.

We were all tired and hungry, after a whole day’s training. We rewarded ourselves with BBQ as an end of the tiring day. Looking back at the training, I believe that as hard as it was, it was worth going through it. It really made our team much more united.


Short biography

Harry [杨秦凯] began studying at SUSTech in the Fall 2017 semester. He majors in Mathematics and looks forward to getting a good offer after four years’ study in SUSTech to continue further study. Harry likes playing bamboo flutes, and is also interested in swimming.