Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Why SUSTech by Lucky Luo(罗运升)
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Why SUSTech by Lucky Luo(罗运升)

Why SUSTech by Lucky Luo(罗运升)

Why SUSTech

Before and after deciding to attend SUSTech, many people asked me the same question: why SUSTech? From their perspective, I should choose some schools that seems to deserve my scores of the entrance examination for college.

To answer this question, first, I want to share my experience in the process of choosing a university. Some outstanding SUSTechers said that they chose SUSTech without hesitation. My experience was a quite contrast to theirs. With all the data about universities stuck in my brain, I felt it was very hard to decide which university I should choose. But at that time, my father gave me a very important suggestion. He told me that he thought there were  few differences between universities in the course offerings because it’s hard to make some differences in fundamental course teaching. The atmosphere in the campus and chances to touch sophisticated techniques should be considered firstly. I didn’t get his point perfectly before I experienced university life, but now, I realize the correctness of his words.

During the first year in the SUSTech, I  asked myself again and again whether my choice was right. Is it right to take risks to go to a young university instead of living in a mature organization? After many conversations with my heart, I found the voice from my deep heart.

I considered some questions when thinking about my choice in university: What we study when we study in the university? The name of the university? The history of the university? I think those are important questions, but not the most important. In my opinion, the most important thing in the campus are the way of living, the way of studying, and the way of communicating. I think the most attractive thing in the SUSTech is that I feel free. I can try anything I want that catches my attention, I can give my heart to friendly schoolmates and teachers. I can choose my major freely only based on my interests. When I just entered university, I wanted to be major in computer science. But through the general education, I found that my interests were broader than I had thought. In order to figure out what it was that I wanted, I took advantage of my opportunities and communicated with my tutor and elder schoolmates. With a deep consideration, I decided to study in information engineering which attracts me most. It’s with the soil of freedom that I can have independence and healthy growth. We will have greater possibility to develop in the direction we want. I think that’s exactly what we should study: the free heart.

When I feel free in the campus, I’m proud of being a SUSTecher, and being a part of SUSTech.



Lucky Luo(罗运升), is a first year student at SUSTech who is interested in sports and learning about new areas of knowledge. He wants to study information engineering.