Center For Language Education-SUSTech | Dr Yuxiu Hu, Lecturer
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Dr Yuxiu Hu, Lecturer

Dr. Hu holds an MA and a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor degree in English Education from Harbin Normal University, China. Prior to joining SUSTC she taught language courses in both Mainland China and Hong Kong for a number of years. With 4 years of education training at Harbin Normal University, 5 years of research study on the acquisition of English at The University of Hong Kong, and 10 years of teaching experience in Mainland China and Hong Kong, she is a passionate and experienced teaching professional.

Selected publications:

Hu, Yuxiu (In Press). A Longitudinal Study on the Extent of Mandarin Influence on the Acquisition of English. International Journal of Language Studies.

Hu, Yuxiu & Adams, Bodomo (2015). Are the Most Interactive Learners on Web-based    Learning Systems the Best Output Performers? Journal of Information Techonology and Application in Education (JITAE). Vol. 4: 8-17.

Bodomo, Adams & Yuxiu, Hu (2013). Ubiquitous Conversations. Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal. 5(1), 1-14

Bodomo, Adams and Yuxiu, Hu. (2011). Constructing a Conversational Learning    Community: A case study of knowledge construction and interactivity enhancement in web-based learning and Teaching. Communications in Information Science and Management Engineering. 1(8), 29-34.

Hu, Yuxiu and Adams, Bodomo. (2009). Harbinglish: L1 Influence on the Learning of English By High School Students in Harbin, China. Asian EFL Journal. 11(3)(Scopus indexed)

Honors and awards:

2007-2011, The University of Hong Kong Research Student Scholarship, HKU, China

2008, The University of Hong Kong Oversea Conference Grant, HKU, China