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Student Services

In our mission to empower SUSTech undergraduate students to effectively and eloquently communicate through both spoken and written words, and to better serve them in their pursuit of higher degrees abroad, CLE is now offering one-on-one tutorials for undergraduate students. Through our academically-diverse tutoring staff, we primarily provide writing support, speaking practice, course content learning tutoring and Chinese language tutoring for international students.


Writing Support

In tutorials, students are encouraged to bring any writing assignments (like essays, research papers, reports, personal statement, etc.) to appointments and consult with our learning advisors. Learning advisors can help students at any stage of their writing—from brainstorming ideas, refining organization of the text and coherence throughout lines, practicing editing strategies and revising final product.

Though advisors will offer support, students are required to make their own choices about their own writings. We encourage students to make appointments when they are ready to engage in discussions of their writings. Advisors will not take over or appropriate any students’ work and are not responsible for any completion of writing assignments. Besides, due to the limited time of a tutorial, the writing pieces students bring to 50-minute appointment should not exceed 10 pages and to a 30-minute walk-in session should not exceed 5 pages.


Speaking Practice

Learning advisors can help students with speaking skills. Students are welcome to make appointments if they want to improve their pronunciation, learn how to start conversations, promote fluency in their English speech and/or practice presentation skills. Students can bring their presentation tasks to the appointment to go over with learning advisors.

Unlike writing assignments, besides presentations, speaking practice may not be based on specific tasks or products. Thus, students are responsible to specify the elements they want to work on. For example, to improve English pronunciation, students can bring materials to read out loud so that learning advisors can diagnose the problems. To practice English conversation, students should try to provide lists of topics. Learning advisors might suggest materials for students to bring when making appointments.


Course Content Learning

Learning advisors are willing to help students with any question they have related to SUSTech English 1, SUSTech English 2, SUSTech English 3 and EAP course content and assignments. Students are responsible for bringing the materials and submit their questions in advance by filling out request form. Each learning advisor is primarily responsible to address questions relating to one to two courses. Students should consider which learning advisor would best cater to their needs.


Chinese Language Tutoring Service  

The group of international students is a significant part of SUSTech community. With desire to help them better adjust to life in China, we offer Chinese tutoring services. One learning advisor who has expertise in Chinese language teaching will lead a team, consisting of two great student tutors, and provide support in learning Chinese pronunciation, including tones, words, phrases and sentences, language for daily activities, conversations with native speakers and tutorials related to Chinese language classes.


Bios of Learning Advisors


Matthew Jellick 

Matthew Jellick holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of Southern California (USC) and has written numerous educational articles for magazines, newspapers and journals across the world. Having been published in seven different countries on four different continents, Matthew values the power of words, both from a formal as well as creative perspective.  In assisting with personal statements, he has helped students gain admission to UC Berkeley and Middlebury College among others.  Matthew has also nominated students for successful admission to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, the preeminent writing program in the United States.                 


Olivia Bailey

Olivia Bailey is an English as a Foreign Language Teacher with more than five years of experience. She studied at the City College of New York, CUNY and also holds a CELTA. Olivia has taught IELTS Writing Preparation, academic writing, business writing, and writing for computer engineering. She has taught primarily in Colombia and United States. Olivia is passionate about helping her students improve and reach their goals. She enjoys learning about new cultures, languages, and places. In her free time she enjoys dancing tango and salsa as well as travelling, hiking, and cooking.


Nicholas Rhea

Nicholas Rhea recently graduated with his MA:TESL degree from Northern Arizona University. He has experience in teaching composition, working with non-native English speakers, and tutoring. Nic has also lived and worked in Santiago, Chile where he taught TOEFL in addition to private classes. In his free time Nic likes to hike, run, play soccer, read, travel, and learn about new cultures.


Xiao Shi

Xiao graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a Master degree in TESOL. She has taught communicative English to speaker of other languages and academic English as university level. Xiao has also worked as study abroad specialist at Global Engagement Office for almost two years and know all the university programs and the study abroad experience very well. She is happy to help you with your academic English learning and to share with you her expertise in studying abroad programs.


Xing Wen

Wen Xing holds a master degree in linguistics applied and linguistics abroad and a bachelor degree in translation from Sun Yat-sen University. She worked as a teaching assistant in SUSTech for one year. She taught EAP course and CET-4 preparation course in summer term. She is familiar with SUSTech English 1 and SUSTech English 3.


Yueyue (Yoyo) Liu

Yueyue lived in America for more than 20 years.  She has been teaching in SUSTech for 4 years.  She currently teaches IETLS speaking and listening for students at different level.  She can help students to improve oral communication skills in English. She is happy to help EAP A1 students.


Zirui (Rachel) Liu

Rachel has a master degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from University of Pennsylvania. She scores high on TOEFL and IELTS tests. As a successful English language learner, she is dedicated to help fellow Chinese learners in academic writing, speaking and cross-cultural communicative strategies. Currently, she works closely with EAP teachers and is happy to address any questions relating to EAP A2 course.


Zhaoting Li

Ms. Li Zhaoting holds a master’s degree in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition from the Chinese University of Hongkong and a bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Language and Culture University. She has taught students from America, Australia, France and Hong Kong. She worked in Zhiren College for about 3 years and she is currently the secretary for Center for Language Education . Recognizing the group of international students as a significant part of SUSTech community, she is delighted to provide them with more language support.

The table below shows the schedule of tutorials.

Appointments are largely 25 minutes long. However, there are two 50-minute appointments in the morning. If you have a more than 5 pages writing piece or several issues to be addresses, please plan to make 50-minute tutorials.  There are walk-in sessions in the afternoon, which are first-come-first-serve base. We will not take reservations for them. You can bring your materials and come to Room 210, Building 3, Wisdom Valley in advance. Each tutorial is for one student only, However, on some occasion, a group of no more than 3 students might be acceptable, on which learning advisors will make decisions.


Students should book appointments at least a week ahead. Each student can make 3 appointments per semester. However, priority will be given to those who are making appointments for the first time. Thus, it is very important for students to fill out all the questions in the request form. If students want to cancel an appointment, he/she should notify the learning advisor at least 4 working days in advance; otherwise, he/she will not be able to make appointment for the whole semester. There are no limits for international students to request the Chinese language tutoring service and appointments with this service don’t count into the 3 appointments limit.

Below is the process of booking an appointment.


Student Services Instructions (18 Spring)

CLE Student Services Appointment Request Form